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Kerala has launched its own internet service provider (ISP) under the name “K-Fon”

Kerala Fiber Optic Network Ltd. (KFON) is a state-owned company launched by the Government of Kerala in 2020 with the aim of providing high-speed internet connectivity to all households, businesses, and institutions in the state. The project is being implemented with the help of Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), which is responsible for laying the fiber optic cables.

The KFON project aims to provide affordable internet connectivity to all citizens of Kerala, regardless of their location or income. The project is expected to benefit various sectors such as education, healthcare, tourism, and e-governance, among others, by providing high-speed internet connectivity.

The KFON project is part of the state government’s efforts to promote digital inclusion and ensure that every citizen has access to the internet, which is now considered a basic necessity. The project is also expected to create job opportunities in the state, as well as boost the economy by promoting the growth of the IT sector.