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PM Modi inaugurates India’s first Water Metro in Kochi


On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first phase of the Kochi Water Metro which is the first public boat service in India integrated with a metro rail network. The project is being implemented by Kochi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (KMRL) with the help of a German funding agency. The water metro includes modern features such as hybrid, battery-powered, air-conditioned, and disabled-friendly boats that will operate on water bodies like traditional ferry services, but with enhanced safety and security measures. The water metro has been designed as a feeder service of the Kochi metro rail that has been operational since 2017. The boat terminals, passenger entry and exit gates, ticket counters, and safety measures mirror the features of the metro rail service. The water metro boat service will connect 10 nearby islands with the mainland of Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala. The project covers a distance of 76 km with 38 jetties and 78 boats, all of which are non-polluting and battery-powered. The boats are noise-free and produce low waves, unlike traditional ferries. All jetties feature electronic display boards, and passenger entry and exit to boats, with air-conditioned cabins, are similar to the system in Kochi metros. The boats can go up to a speed of eight nautical miles per hour, feature aluminum-catamaran hulls, and can carry 100 passengers with a seating capacity of 50.