Google removed 1.43 million apps from the Play Store and banned 173K fraudulent developer accounts.

In 2022, Google stopped 1.43 million apps from being released on Google Play due to policy violations. According to the company’s security blog post, it also stopped over $2 billion in fraudulent and abusive transactions by blocking 173K rogue developers and fraud rings.

Google has added new criteria that developers wishing to enter the Play Store ecosystem must meet. Updates include phone and email verification for developers.

Google has launched the Google Play SDK Index in partnership with software development kit (SDK) suppliers to assist developers in assessing the dependability and security of an SDK.

Google also modified its Play Store during the course of the year to add a Data Safety section that describes how apps gather, distribute, and safeguard users’ data.

Google said earlier in February that it has given $12 million in bug bounties as part of its Vulnerability Reward Programme, which had assisted in the discovery of 2,900 security flaws by 2022.