Modi Government Calls Five-Day Extraordinary Meeting of Parliament From September 18

While there is no word yet on the plan of the meeting, the resistance has said that the BJP government is “shook” by the INDIA collusion.

New Delhi: Association serve for parliamentary issues Pralhad Joshi reported on Thursday (August 31) that an extraordinary meeting of parliament will be held next month from September 18 to 22.

In an explanation on X (previously Twitter), Joshi said that the unique meeting will incorporate five days.

“Exceptional Meeting of Parliament (thirteenth Meeting of seventeenth Lok Sabha and 261st Meeting of Rajya Sabha) is being called from 18th to 22nd September having 5 sittings. He stated, “Amid Amrit Kaal looking forward to productive discussions and debate in Parliament.”

In any case, there is no word on what the plan will be for the five-day meeting which is booked days after the G20 highest point in New Delhi on September 9 and 10 – and only weeks after the storm meeting of parliament finished up on August 11.

Sources said that the meeting could offer the public authority an open door to grandstand the outcome of the G20 highest point and set up for the “P20 culmination”. The Parliament20 (P20) Commitment Gathering, began during Canada’s G20 Administration in 2010 and is driven by speakers from parliaments of G20 nations. It means to carry a parliamentary aspect to the worldwide culmination.