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The Supreme Court has requested the Centre to explain how social benefits can be accessed by same-sex couples.

The court has directed the Solicitor General to explore potential solutions for addressing these issues faced by same-sex couples without granting them marital status. The government has been given until Wednesday to provide a response.
The Supreme Court is currently hearing petitions regarding the legalization of same-sex marriages in India. During the hearing, the court suggested that the government should find a way to grant basic social rights to same-sex couples, such as opening joint bank accounts or nominating a partner in insurance policies. The court acknowledged that legalizing gay marriage is within the purview of the parliament and not the judiciary. Therefore, it asked the Solicitor General to provide a response on how the government could address these issues without granting marital status to same-sex couples. The court emphasized the need to ensure that such relationships are not ostracized and that same-sex couples are provided with a sense of security and social welfare. The comments came after Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju stated that the issue of same-sex marriage should be debated in parliament and not in court.